So you wanna know something about this here blog – Skanky Jane’s Errant Trajectories? Okay then. I’ll do my best.

First of all, I’d better tell you that I nicked the words ‘errant trajectories’ from this guy called Michel. I always thought Michel was a girl’s name but then I found out that, in french, boys can have that name too. You see, since about …ooooh ..10 years ago? (give or take some) – when I first started reading again – I’ve slowly been getting myself an education and (so I reckon anyway), a slight case of the smarts.

You can always pick a smart person because they read books about sociology and cultural theory, especially books written by french guys, and when they write, they put french words in here and there. Then there’s the really smart people; they don’t just put french words in, but french words that no one understands, exactly. Words like ‘joissance‘ for instance. Who knows, one day, you might even find a little joissance when reading about my errant trajectories.

I used to read a lot before – I mean before – when I was a kid. Auntie Susan and Uncle Brian used to buy books for me on my birthdays and for Xmas. They weren’t my real auntie and uncle but my old man made my brother and me call them that anyway. Skanky Jane’s Errant Trajectories includes a lot of stories from when I am a kid, and from when I get a bit older, and that’s because it’s what’s called ‘semi-autobiographical’. ‘Semi-autobiographical’ means I can let it all hang out in public without you or anyone else ever knowing what bits really happened and what bits I just made up. This is really cool because I get to feel all empowered, from telling my own story and stuff, while still getting to do normal shit – like walk down the shops without getting gang-banged, busted, or stared at any more than I usually do.

Made up or true, the scribbles, the words and the cartoon strips, except for ‘errant trajectories’, and unless I say different, are all done by me. So, if you wanna snitch something – feel right at home – but be staunch about it and tell everyone who you got it off, otherwise I might just have to sick a few heavies on to ya.

Enough? Yeah… come on, take a walk on the skanky side……


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